Our Story

HI My name is Kathryn Templeton. I co-founded a charity called K 4 Kids with my friend Katherine Meyers. My intention of this charity was to make other kids feel as good as I did about the first day of school. When I went to school I always had all new supplies and I felt really great when I went to class, but there are other kids who never had school supplies not even use school supplies. So the idea was to try to make sure that those kids also got the same feeling that I had when I went to school and to give them a positive attitude about being at school. When kids have the right supplies and the right attitude I think learning is enhanced that's why I try so hard to help these kids. so we sought out the help of our friends and neighbors and getting new, used,or no longer needed supplies. We started off at 3,000 items our first year and now in our fifth we have given out over 40,000 items. Through our charity we've also been able to help the environment a few years ago we recycled over 2,000 binders last year we are able to recycle 1,500 overhead sheets that would have ended up in the trash but given to another school it was a treasure.

This past year I discovered after applying to schools how much education really costs. First year teachers cannot afford to buy the supplies they need to provide in their classrooms, or materials to teach with especially if they are teaching in lower-income schools. I then realized that this affects the learning of each child. My brother, Michael Templeton, and I thought collecting teaching supplies would expand K4Kids’ reach and ability to help those in need. A few kids have made a huge difference and with your extended help we can make even a bigger difference! I'd like to thank you for participating in my charity K4Kids, kids helping kids.

The goal of K-4-Kids is to see that as many children as possible get the school supplies they need to help them be successful students. K-4-Kids was founded in 2011, and because of help from people like you, we have distributed over 30,000 school supplies in the last 4 years to students in poor and rural districts in South Carolina.

Our expansion of K4Kids collecting teaching resources has been a great succes in the last two years. Remember, Pass it Don't Trash it!